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Window cleaning


Wellington Window Cleaning use an advanced pure water reach and wash system. Using only pure water that has been filtered of all contaminants has numerous benefits over traditional window cleaning. These include:


  • No chemicals (safer for plants, pets and the environment)

  • No ladders (safer for your guttering, garden and us!)

  • Glass stays cleaner for longer (using only pure water and no chemicals or soap actually means your windows stay cleaner for longer meaning longer frequency between cleaning which saves money)

  • All frames, sills and doors cleaned (using the reach and wash system means we not only clean your glass but the entire window ensuring your home looks its best all the time)

  • Cleaner windows (water wants to be dirty, by using pure water with no contaminants means the water seeks out the dirt hiding in your frames and seals and draws it out, then when the window is rinsed with pure water the dirty water is washed away ensuring a spot free finish)

  • Hot water system (using heated water provides extra cleaning power when needed on really dirty windows to get them looking their best)


Areas covered:

As local window cleaners we not only clean windows in Wellington (Somerset) but also the surrounding area and local villages such as Rockwell Green, Wiveliscombe, Milverton, Langford Budville, Holywell Lake, Bradford-on-tone, Oake, West Buckland, Hemyock, Cullompton, Nynehead and many more!



Our window cleaning round is based on a four or eight weekly cycle so you choose the frequency that best suits you (obviously we're happy to advise on the best solution for you).



Unlike many other window cleaners our customers can pay by direct debit meaning no more writing out cheques or ensuring you have the right cash. You don't even have to be in when we call, as long as we can access the windows that you want cleaning. Just provide us with your bank details initially and once we've cleaned your windows we then request payment. You'll receive an e-mail notifying you of the payment request which is then automatically debited from your bank account a few days later. It's that easy! Note that we never request payment unless we've cleaned your windows and that all payments are proteced by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Window Cleaning Wellington
Window Cleaner Wellington