Wellington Window Cleaning

Fascia and Soffit cleaning


In case you didn’t know, your fascias and soffits are the UPVC/wooden panels that border your roof line on your home behind your guttering. On most homes these are white which means any dirt build up becomes very visible. Therefore having your fascias and soffits cleaned can vastly improve the appearance of your home. Wellington Window Cleaning recommend having your fascias and soffits cleaned annually to keep them looking their best all year round. Regular cleaning also reduces the risk of permanent staining that can sometimes appear on UPVC when left unattended.


If your home is currently on the market then we especially encourage you to have your fascias, soffits and gutters cleaned as not only is this likely to help your home sell it may even improve the value! You’ll be surprised how good your home can look after having these items cleaned and how different they look to before they are cleaned.


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