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Window Cleaning

We use the latest water fed pole system on your windows with water that has been carefully filtered of all imperfections which gives a spot free finish! We also pride ourselves on not only cleaning your glass but also your frames and sills to ensure your home looks at its best!


Conservatory Cleaning

Conservatories can look quite sorry for themselves if neglected. Why not ask Wellington Window Cleaning to give your conservatory a spring clean no matter what time of the year it is to get it looking like new again!


Fascias and Soffit Cleaning

It's all well and good to have nice clean windows, but sometimes these can be let down by the muck and grime that collects over time on your fascias and soffits. Wellington Window Cleaning can use their advanced water fed pole system on your fascias and soffits to get them looking fresh and clean again.


Gutter Cleaning and Clearing

Your guttering can also let the appearance of your house down if neglected, especially white guttering. Why not have these cleaned too at the same time as your fascias and soffits so your home is looking like new again! Not to mention that blocked gutters can cause damage to your property, both strutural and superficial if left unattended.


Solar Panel Cleaning

You may not have thought about having your solar panels cleaned before, however its important these are regularly cleaned too. This is not just for appearance sake, but to make sure they are working to their full capacity as over time dirt and grime can build up meaning they're not working as efficiently as they could be and hence not maximising their economic benefit!


Carpet Cleaning

Wellington Window Cleaning can also clean your carpets! We employ the services of an experienced carpet cleaning technician with many years experience in professional carpet cleaning. Our experienced carpet and upholstery cleaner will come to your home or office and use their vast experience and expertise to identify the fibres of your carpet to ensure that the correct and safest cleaning method is used to get the best results.


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