Wellington Window Cleaning

About us

Wellington Window Cleaning are your local, friendly, professional window cleaner covering the small town of Wellington, Somerset and the surrounding area. We are a small family run business that pride ourselves on providing a quality service with high standards and reliableness that our customers can be pleased with so that we have their long term loyalty.


We provide a range of services that can be found on the services page. However if you would like a service that is not listed then please get in contact in case we can help.


Wellington Window Cleaning use the latest water-fed window cleaning systems with water that has been carefully filtered of all contaminants to ensure a perfect finish on your windows! We also pride ourselves on cleaning your frames and sills on every clean to ensure your entire window is looking its best and not just the glass!


Wellington Window Cleaning offer an option of 4 weekly or 8 weekly cleans depending on your needs. We also offer one-off cleans if you don't want the ongoing commitment or perhaps are selling your house soon and just want it looking its best for potential buyers!


We also offer the option to pay via direct debit so you don't need to worry about finding the cash or writing out a cheque each time.

Window Cleaning Wellington